Camp Michitanki

Camp Michitanki (Michigan Transplant Kids) is a summer camp created by the U-M Transplant Center in 2003 to provide an exciting camping experience for children 7-15 years of age who have had an organ transplant. Campers spend six days each summer participating in a variety of activities and have the opportunity to develop life skills in a fun residential camp setting. Transplant nurses, physicians, social workers and other community volunteers work with professional camp staff to provide a "normal" and medically supervised camping experience. Children are divided by age and gender and assigned into cabin groups for the week. 



In 2016, Camp Michitanki welcomed nearly 100 transplant recipient kids. Heralded as the "best week of my life" by our campers, this incredible camp experience is staffed by dedicated volunteers. Camp Michitanki is funded entirely by donations and the success of events like the annual Bowling For Camp Michitanki and the Camp Michitanki Golf Classic. 2016 marked Camp Michitanki's move to a new home at North Star Reach near Pinckney, MI.

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Event Details

6/18/2017 to 6/24/2017
1:00 pm to 12:30 pm

North Star Reach Camp located at 1200 University Camp Drive, Pinckney, MI 48169