Kathy Lamb

Wife Grateful for Husband's "Extra" 32-and-a-Half Years

My husband, David Brian Lamb, received a kidney transplant on October 31, 1981. He was just 32 years old. He lived a pretty normal life after that. He loved to hunt, fish, camp, take long drives to discover upper and lower Michigan, and spend time with our family.

By getting the transplant, he was able to see our children grow up. Brenda was 12 and Dave was 10 at that time. He got to enjoy all of our seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren! He enjoyed years of working at a job he loved on Walloon Lake at a Marina until his vision got bad and he had to go on disability in 2003. He was always proud to tell someone new how many years he had his transplant.

David and Kathy Lamb

October 31, 2014 would have been 33 years but Dave passed away April 30, 2014 from cancer. I miss him every day. He always said “this kidney doesn’t owe me anything.”  He was always grateful for every day it let him live.

I just wanted to share a part of his life story and thank the U-M Hospital and Dr. Darrell Campbell, his surgeon, for giving me and our family the gift of having Dave with us for those 32 ½ years.

Thank you,

— Kathy Lamb