Letters of thanks to donor families

We would love to see letters of thanks written to donor families in anticipation of publication of a book of these treasured letters. Our idea is to publish a book as a fundraiser for the Transplant Center. We will select letters to publish, along with information about the donor, donor family, and/or recipient. If you are a donor family and have a letter to share, we would love to see it. If you are a recipient and have sent a letter or have written one to send, we would love to see your letter too. If you can type or copy and paste the text of the letter in the box below, please do. If you only have it as a written or printed copy, just let us know with a note in the story box below. We can make arrangements to get a copy from you, which may be as simple as a cell phone photo for now. Rest assured, we will not publish anything submitted on this page until we have written permission from all concerned parties to do so. When you submit this form to us, you are simply starting a conversation with us about a letter to a donor family that may be available to share in our book project in the future.

Any questions? Please contact the UM Transplant Development and Communications office at 734-936-3460. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.