The U-M Transplant Center team appreciates hearing (and sharing) stories from transplant patients, family members, and loved ones; as well as from event sponsors, volunteers, and others whose lives have been changed through their experiences with organ donation.

We are also interested in seeing letters written to donor families. The letter may be from you because you are a recipient, or to you because you are an organ donor. We are working on a possible book project including these letters. If you have a letter to share with us, please use the form on the left side of the page to let us know. The actual publication of some of the letters we receive will happen at a later date. We will confirm necessary permission and privacy releases before publication.

Here are a few stories of people who are close to the Transplant Center.

Rishi Narayan

Longtime Friend of the Transplant Center Events Talks About his Experience Supporting our Events

Rishi Narayan is an owner at Underground Printing in Ann Arbor. Underground began as a small t-shirt printing service and has grown and expanded to over a dozen states around the country. Rishi began supporting Transplant Center events over 15 years ago and remains one of our strongest supporters. ... Read more »

Evin Green

Double Lung Transplant Recipient, 2015 Vita Redita speaker

Evin Green suffered with Cystic Fibrosis. In 2014, he received a double lung transplant at UM Hospital. Evin has been chronicling his journey through his blog, . One year after his transplant, Evin was back to making appearances as his favorite superhero, Spiderman, ... Read more »

Kathy Lamb

Wife Grateful for Husband's "Extra" 32-and-a-Half Years

My husband, David Brian Lamb, received a kidney transplant on October 31, 1981. He was just 32 years old. He lived a pretty normal life after that. He loved to hunt, fish, camp, take long drives to discover upper and lower Michigan, and spend time with our family. By getting the transplant, he was ... Read more »

Scott Sedam

Kidney Transplant Recipient Gives the Gift of Flight

Scott Sedam loves to take to the sky, and he truly loves to give back to the Transplant Center. Scott grew up flying with his Dad, a former fighter pilot, and by the age of 29 he had earned his own pilot’s license. He dreamed of owning his own airplane but that dream wasn’t to come true until he ... Read more »

Curtis Gough

Brother of Organ Donor Continues Generous Support for U-M Transplant Center

The U-M Transplant Center counts on volunteers to assure the success of many of our efforts and events. Sometimes a volunteer gets very involved, but their connection to us isn’t immediately apparent. That is the case with Curtis Gough. Curtis has attended our Vita Redita gala since its beginning ... Read more »